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Welcome to Mott MacDonald in Power


Committed to sustainable development, our power consultants are experienced in all types of thermal, nuclear and renewable energy generation, as well as power transmission and distribution technologies. For over 100 years, we have played a leading role in helping clients deliver some of the world’s most challenging and prestigious projects in power.
Mott MacDonald's expertise in power covers all aspects of thermal, nuclear and renewable energy generation as well as transmission and distribution including:

* Open and combined cycle gas turbine power plant
* Coventional coal and oil fired steam power plant
* Seawater desalination
* Environmental upgrades of power generation
* Combined heat and power (CHP)
* Nuclear new build and decommissioning
* Hydroelectric power
* Onshore and offshore wind
* Biomass and energy from waste
* Biofuels
* Solar energy – photovoltaic (PV) and thermal (CSP)
* Marine, wave and tidal
* Market analysis
* High voltage AC/DC transmission networks
* Electricity distribution
* SCADA, EMS and all control centre technologies, and
* Oil and gas

Plus supporting infrastructure technologies.

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